The Nature Conservancy -Internship Summer 2013

This summer, I had the privilege of interning with The Nature Conservancy in Richmond, Virginia. I applied for a few internship positions at TNC, but was lucky enough to get the one I wanted the most! I spent 10 weeks as the GLOBE Video Production/Marketing Writer, and it far exceeded my expectations.

I had 3 main job duties throughout the summer. First, I updated content on the TNC Virginia website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Second, I traveled to a select few of Virginia’s TNC preserves, to document them and create photo and video content of all the unique aspects of each preserve. Visual images are a great way to get people excited about visiting the preserves. Finally, I kept a blog about my travel to the different preserves to be published on TNC’s website. 

My main goal this summer was to increase awareness of the preserves in Virginia. I want people to be as excited about exploring the outdoors as I am!

Check out my GLOBE Diary here.

Here’s a video summary: Virginia Voyages and collection: TNC Preserve Videos

My videos are up on the TNC YouTube channel, but to see them in better quality view them on my Vimeo page here: GG Vimeo  

You can see some of my photography and videos on the TNC Virginia website here:

FraserFortune’s CoveFalls RidgeVoorheesBottom Creek

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 8.40.01 AM

And here are some of my favorite shots from this summer!




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