Oscar Elnes Photography

This summer I had the experience of a lifetime.

By pure good fortune (and a little help from my dad), I was able to get in touch with a photographer born and raised in Iowa, who now lives in Northern Italy with her husband.
Erika and Steve are the kindest, most generous couple I have ever met. It was my absolute pleasure to stay with them for a few weeks after my semester in Scotland was done. They not only let me stay in their guest room (Note: I was a complete stranger to them, only having been in touch through email and phone calls), but they were kind enough to feed me great Italian food and show me some of their favorite local spots of interest. Erika allowed me to shadow her on several photo shoots, and ask her all kinds of questions about her business. In return, I produced a short promotional video for Erika’s business, Oscar Elnes Photography. She launched a new website recently, and you really should check out her photos. She mostly does portraits, as well as some freelance work. Erika will certainly be the first person I’ll call for professional photos later in life, when something momentous happens!
View the video on my Vimeo page here!
I can’t thank Erika and Steve enough for this great opportunity. I’ll miss your stories, sharing a bottle of Prosecco, going on evening strolls for gelato, and walking Siggy, the cutest dog in the world! I wish Erika and Steve every success, and all the happiness in the world.
Grazie mille!
 Vicenza LeaningTower

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